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Barry |
Eriel's alter ego has 490hp & 542 ft lb tq. If you don't know what that is, you won't understand. Heck of a light saber.
2011.03.31--20:45:24 - the Great North Wet

Sioux Strebin |
Heard you know something about computers, along with a myriad of other things you're knowledgeable of, just thought I drop a line and ask if you can lend me a hand.
2010.01.25--16:11:40 - Morro Bay, CA

Christian |
That is one outstanding collection of autographs. I especially love the "Five Captains", but it's really a treat to get to see all of these characters I know and love, all together in one "album." Thank you for sharing it with us.
2010.01.9--14:58:23 - San Francisco, CA

Jeff Yap. |
Hey Eriel. Was thinking of you when I was reading about JJ ABRAM doing the next Star Trek! Hope your doing well Take care!

Dr. Octogon
Cool guestbook!

It's Black Elvis here zero nine el que ready for report!

Metric bypass computes on overload retrace.
2007.04.25--17:07:53 - Lost in Space

Shayne Nash
Hi Eriel, It seems that we share a common name. Also common interests, as I am a Network Support Officer. Well Done on your success. Maybe we can catch up sometime.

shayne [dot] nash [at] gmail [dot] com
2006.07.27--06:38:24 - Tasmania Australia

Randy |
Fraking cool website bud. Awesome pictures.

Robin |
Love the website. All of the pictures are so interesting. Thanks for always keeping my computer inline.
2005.08.24--12:08:12 - Atascadero, CA

Cindi Cole |
Love the house, well ok, the house is so-so, but those views!!! Thanks for sharing......

Trisha |
Do you still have that piece of paper I gave you in class? Great website!!

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